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ㆍSociety of P C Professional Member – since 1994
ㆍCounty of Los Angeles Public Health LA, County
ㆍCamouflage Dermatician – Derma-Institution
ㆍAdvanced Color Theorist – Derma-Institution

ㆍ26 years of permanent makeup & camouflage artisan
ㆍActivity  as a professional consultant on facial lines in plastic surgery clinic 15 years
ㆍPermanent makeup camouflage dermatician for scar cover – plastic surgery field broadcasting in cosmetics & plastic surgery field
ㆍ1 hour TV broadcasting of permanent makeup field – WEXLER TV (Hollywood in 2001)
ㆍNewspaper column more than 1000 times for beauty articles more than 240 times – Korea daily & The Korea times
ㆍRadio broadcasting in 3 minutes column more than 400 times – Radio Korea & Radio Seoul
ㆍArtas robotic hair transplant training / Seoul university hospital


All procedures are by appointment only and will come with 1 touch up that expires after 2 months. Procedures may take up to 1–4 hours depending on the procedure type. Consultation in regards to all and any procedures will not be charged, so feel free to call us or come in at anytime we have an opening. The pricing given on the phone may change after a face-to-face consultation, and will depend on the procedure, size, and location deemed right for you by the expert. Every procedure is guaranteed with the best ingredients, trendy shapes, advanced camouflage, advanced color theory, sterile fields, and most importantly, a natural look that lasts for a long time!


Post Surgery Scar Camouflage

This procedure can take care of any type of post-surgery scars on eyebrows, face, breasts, tummy tuck, C-section, etc. Includes a post-touchup within 3 months.


Correction of Failed PM

Disappointed from a previous failed or aging permanent makeup job? This procedure can take care of blue or red discoloration and unevenness, and offer shape changes or even 3D touch-ups. Includes a post-touchup within 3 months.

correction of permanent makeup

Hair Loss

Considering hair transplant or even considering wigs? Our advanced camouflage technique will help restore your self-esteem so you can walk around happy and confident! At SPM, we use more detailed and efficient techniques for long lasting, naturally pigmented, realistic camouflage results seen immediately after the procedure!

Hair loss SMP
Hair loss hair stroke

Hairline Camouflage

⁃ Hairline Camouflage
⁃ M Hairline Camouflage
⁃ Central Camouflage
⁃ Crown Camouflage
⁃ Parietal/Temporal Camouflage
⁃ Side Burns Camouflage
⁃ Alopecia/Spot Baldness/Pattern Baldness Camouflage
⁃ Full Scalp



Eyebrows have the potential to define and completely alter the look of our face. At SPM, we personalize each angle, hair direction and pigment to perfection, to help you achieve full, natural, and even eyebrows. Includes a post-touchup within 3 months.

eyebrow microblading


⁃ Microblading offers a less permanent, but equally natural and fuller looking eyebrows. This procedure is recommended for clients with normal/dry skin, and those who are especially looking to change their shape more frequently.
⁃ Microblading, as well as other hair stroke imitating procedures requires a high skill level found only in very experienced technicians, and you can be rest assured at SPM we deliver that quality!
⁃ Includes a post-touchup within 3 months.

eyebrow hair stroke

3D/4D Hairstroke Eyebrows

⁃ This procedure offers very natural and full eyebrows as a result of drawing individual hair directions to give a 3 or 4 dimensional effect. This procedure has a more permanent, long-lasting effect compared to microblading.
⁃ This procedure can be done as either semi-permanent or permanent makeup, depending on the client’s needs. This can only be achieved by highly skilled technicians, which is guaranteed at SPM! The ideal choice for the client will be addressed during our free consultation!
⁃ Includes a post-touchup within 3 months.



Natural Eye-line

This procedure offers a thinner, natural eye-liner to enhance your specific eye shape. This permanent makeup is a popular treatment especially for those with sparse lashes, to naturally make the eyes look holistically fuller!


Perfect Eye- line

If you wear makeup on a regular basis and want to save time or have a more defined eye lift, this procedure is for you. This permanent makeup fixes unevenness and saggy eyes, to achieve your perfect eye-liner look!


lip line

Lip Liner

This procedure offers to make your lips look fuller, luscious, symmetrical, and naturally well defined. Especially for clients that enjoy over-lining their lips, with this semi-permanent makeup, you will no longer have to worry about the makeup coming off mid meals!

full lip

Full Lip

This procedure offers color, definition, symmetry, and either a naturally bright color enhancement, or the effect of wearing lipstick without the hassle of smudging or reapplying throughout the day!

Lip Permanent Camouflage (Semi-permanent makeup)

Volume and lustrous lips even without makeup!

“It will be vivid with only one touch.”

Clear lip line, replacement of shape and color of full lips, sagging lip tail correction, philtrum reduction effect.

With pale or dark lips, the face cannot look bright and alive no matter how sharp your eyebrows or eye-line. There’s a reason makeup isn’t complete without the perfect shape and shade of lipstick! This procedure can also help reduce elongating philtrums, sagging lip tails, and inaccurate lipstick application due to wrinkles with aging.

For clients with existing permanent lip makeup, comes hesitation due to not seeing drastic changes after the first session, pain, etc. Unlike skin, lips have a lot of capillary and blood vessels that require special techniques. Here at SPM, we make sure to personalize your experience with unique techniques, careful lip base color recognition, and the experience to produce the desired results in one session!

Before Permanent Make up Helpful


*You have to receive PMU from a LAPH Dept sanctioned location with sterilization and infection prevention to be protected from the risk of infection.

*the practitioner must have advanced techniques to match the new trend. 

*It is a differentiated shape that utilizes individual characteristics rather than uniformity.

*You need micro expertise to combine the colors according to the individual skin color so that the color does not fade or change over time (blue or red).

*Before undergoing PMU it is best a skin allergy test is taken to prevent any unknown allergic reactions.

*Color should be long lasting so the procedure is not costly and is hassle-free.

*When you want to change shape, it must be a system that can be modified immediately. 

*PMU’s technique is completely different from make-up technique’s, so there needs to be enough PMU experience to ensure the best results.

*Client Oriented after-service needs to perfect for client comfort.

Personal Training Course

Since 1995, Our specialist had trained many technicians as a professional in the field of personalized PMU & Camouflage

Beginner course

Training Term: 2 weeks 
Classes: Theory, practical sill, training, business, and inspection tips

Advanced Workshop

Training Term: 1 week
Classes: Complementing the problems in real world situation and introducing more advanced technics.

Microblading Class

Training Term: 1 week
Classes: Feather touch and Eyebrow course

Microblading Class & Camouflage Class

Training Term: 1 week
Classes: M hair line correction, hair loss, and scar cover (burns, white line , etc…)




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