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Lip Permanent Camouflage (Semi-permanent makeup)


Volume and lustrous lips even without makeup!


Makeup a lot woman will not miss out are the lips. No matter how sharp your eyebrows and eye-line look with pale or dark lips the face will not look alive, on the other hand just with lip stick your face will look alive and bright. Especially when you enlarge your lips with lip stick, women with pale lips tend to worry about the makeup coming off and always being careful when drinking and eating. Also, if aging, innately long philtrum, and sagging lip tail cosmetic medi-permanent makeup can reduce size of philtrum and bring up lip tail. Due to wrinkles around the lips and mouth lips stick can be messing and the liner will not be clean and straight that is why lip coloring is one of the most popular treatments for older women. However, the disadvantages of existing permanent lip makeup -post treatment (aftercare) will not see lot of effect or change on the first session, color change will not work, artificial, and due to pain etc. -clients can be hesitant for lip procedure. Unlike skin, lips have a lot of capillary and blood vessels so lips require special and unique techniques. Since each person has a different lip base color, the most important part is the technician must be experienced enough to dilute the color and should be able to produce desired color at once.

This procedure offers to make your lips look fuller, luscious, symmetrical, and naturally well defined. Especially for clients that enjoy over-lining their lips, with this semi-permanent makeup, you will no longer have to worry about the makeup coming off mid meals!


Lip Line

permanent makeup | Lip line
permanent makeup | Lip line
permanent makeup | Lip line
permanent makeup | Lip line





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